Local Pens New Novel

Courtesy photo Alameda Resident Annette Sandoval’s Women are Like Chickens can be ordered now.

Local Pens New Novel

Alameda resident Annette Sandoval is a prolific writer who often sets her works in the Bay Area. Women Are Like Chickens is her latest novel, the story of four Mexican American friends raised in San Francisco during the 1980s.

Although subject to the same strict cultural expectations and limitations, each of the friends will examine and define her own unique identity. At times dark, this novel has unsentimental humor at its core.

Annette Sandoval is the author of The Directory of Saints (Dutton/Penguin), Homegrown Healing: Traditional Home Remedies From Mexico (Putnam/Berkely) and Spitfire (Thomas & Mercer), which has also been translated into German.

To order a copy of the book, or for more information, visit www.annettesandovals.com and www.purplepatchpress.com