Local Pens Family Stories

Courtesy photo In the Village of Lonsdale by local author Violet Grayson Lawton is available now.

Violet Grayson Lawton has written a delightful book called In the Village of Lonsdale. It is a collection of short remembrances of her family spanning almost 50 years. These are the tales most repeated around the kitchen table when members of a family gather and

remember the stories that belong to the heart of the family.

Not every family is lucky enough to have their stories recorded for future family members. I wonder what stories might have been told about my own great-great grandmothers, but because nobody wrote them down I don’t have them to talk about.

This book reminds me of some of my own family’s stories. I spoke to my sister while I was reading it to reminisce about our family’s tales and found we were able to share stories with each other we had either forgotten about or never knew.

I also enjoyed the slower pace of living Violet described in the book. I think we can all make a deliberate attempt to better appreciate our own time, what they call, "take time to smell the roses."

There are lots of photographs in the book. It’s fun to see how everybody dressed in the "olden times" and to remember my own dresses. I even remember the tags that would scratch my neck or the puffy sleeves that were always too tight on my arms. To this day I always cut the tags out of the shirts and blouses that I wear.

I especially enjoyed a story she told about the tree her grandfather gifted to Violet and her younger cousin Barbara. The girls loved to climb trees and their favored trees were in an apple orchard. He would tell them over and over to get out of his trees until finally Violet’s grandfather solved the problem by giving them one of the trees for their own. They built a tree house and her father hung two swings for them. Reading this story I remembered what it felt like to have the wind blowing through my hair as I pumped my legs to get the swing to go higher and higher.

A short and truly enjoyable book.

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