Local News in Brief

Local News in Brief

City Asks Elders and Disabled for Survey

City Staff seeks input from older residents and people with disabilities to confirm that transportation programs in Alameda are meeting their needs. Residents 65 and older or those with disabilities can complete an online survey at AlamedaParatransit.com by Nov. 5.
The City of Alameda provides the following affordable transportation options that target older Alameda residents and people with disabilities:
• Free Alameda Loop shuttle service: AlamedaLoopShuttle.com.
• Free AC Transit bus passes for Mastick Senior Center members who meet the financial criteria.
• A new program provides subsidized curb-to-curb service through transportation companies like Lyft and Uber. Curb-to-curb service will be provided within Alameda County for East Bay Paratransit members who meet the financial criteria.
• Hop on the Bus takes small groups of Mastick Senior Center members interested in improving their transit skills on local AC Transit bus trips.
Transportation 101 courses at Mastick Senior Center provide information on various transportation options such as East Bay Paratransit, AC Transit Clipper Card, Free Alameda Loop Shuttle service, and more. Guest speakers have provided information on electric vehicles, obtaining and using a Clipper Card, and safe driving courses.
Survey forms, shuttle schedules, AC Transit Mastick Member Free Bus Pass information, and other transportation resources such as East Bay Paratransit and a mobility device breakdown service are available at www. AlamedaParatransit.com. If you would like a hard copy of the survey, please call 510-747-7513. Survey forms are also available on each Alameda Loop Shuttle bus.
Services are funded by Measures B and BB transportation sales tax dollars and administered by the Alameda County Transportation Commission.

County Seeks Input on Redistricting

Every ten years, following the Federal Census, electoral districts across the country are redrawn to address changes in population and ensure each district represents an equal amount of people. The Alameda County Board of Supervisors wants to hear from constituents on how you want to be represented and what communities of interest (COI) are important to you.
A community of interest is a group of people that share a com mon bond or interest. The definition is broad, so that communities can determine which issues or interests bring them together. Community residents or workers in an area are best positioned to define their own COIs. Potential COI examples are a neighborhood group or association; residents who share a cultural history, heritage or background; people that come together to support a school, environmental issue, etc.
COIs may not include relation ships with political parties, incumbent elected officials, or candidates for elected office.
The public can provide input a number of different ways:
• Draw your own map: redistrict ing2021.acgov.org/mapping/
• Submit a comment online: redistricting2021.acgov.org/ comments/
Email redistricting@acgov.org. For more information, visit the Alameda County Redistricting 2021 website at redistricting2021. acgov.org.

Alameda City Council Passes Ban on Gas Leaf Blowers

Pursuant to Governor Newsom signing AB 1346 banning the sale of small gas-powered mowers, blowers and other gasoline-powered lawn equipment last week (see Newsom Bans Gas Blowers and Mowers, Oct. 14, 2021) Alameda City Council has followed suit with their own ban.
At the Sept. 21, 2021 City Council meeting, Councilmembers voted unanimously to adopt a law banning the use and sale of gasoline-powered leaf blowers in Alameda, which will go into effect on Jan. 1, 2023.
“Gasoline-powered” means all gasoline, diesel, and other combustion engine-powered leaf blowers. The use and sale electric and battery-powered equipment are not affected by this ban.
Violators of the ban may be issued citations by the City. Property owners are equally responsible for compliance with this new law, meaning that a violation for using a gasoline-powered leaf blower may result in a citation to the equipment operator, landscaping company the operator is employed by, and the property owner. Residents are encouraged to inform their landscapers of the new ban and ensure compliance when working on their properties.
Businesses must stop selling such equipment and post a notice about the ban on their premises, or a citation could be issued.
The City will be educating residents and businesses about the ban over the coming months. For more information, please visit www. alamedaca.gov/leafblowerban.

City Officials to Meet with Concerned Jean Sweeney Open Space Neighbors

On Saturday, Oct. 23 from 10 to 11 a.m., Alameda Mayor Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft and Alameda Parks and Recreation Director Amy Wooldridge plan to meet with neighbors bordering Jean Sweeney Open Space Park and other residents to answer questions and concerns raised about the City’s plans for the park.
The meeting will take place at the western end of the park by the Gateway to California columns sculpture, near the Eighth St. entrance. A large site map will be available to assist with the discussion.