Local Kids Launch Project Gloves

Courtesy photo &nbsp&nbsp Project Gloves volunteers deliver groceries to an elderly couple, while also making sure to keep their distance.

Local Kids Launch Project Gloves

Students will deliver groceries to seniors at no charge

“There is a rich legacy of individuals doing brave, incredibly compassionate things in the face of crisis,” said Jonathan Suh, a senior at Alameda High School. To go ahead and add truth to his own statement, Suh and his friend Sean Luong, went right to work creating Project Gloves, a new service in Alameda. Project Gloves works from the premise that the elderly population has the highest risk of contracting coronavirus and experiencing dangerous symptoms and that they may be afraid of going to grocery stores for basic items. Stores like Safeway and Nob Hill Foods have delayed delivery times that average around a week.

“Unless they have family or friends nearby, this leaves many elderly with no option but to go to the store themselves,” said Suh. “In response to this situation, a group of friends — students at UC Berkeley and Alameda High —started Project Gloves.” Put simply, Project Gloves is a free, safe and efficient grocery-only delivery system for Alameda’s senior residents. Customers pay nothing beyond the price of their groceries. The group promises same-day delivery.

Volunteers with Project Gloves follow strict health-and-safety guidelines. While no one can completely eliminate risk, the students implemented these guidelines to minimize any potential transmission of the coronavirus.

Project Gloves volunteers:

  • Have been practicing social distancing by 6 feet from others.
  • Have not traveled outside the country in the last four months.
  • Are not sick or exhibiting any signs of sickness (e.g. cough, fever, etc.).
  • Have had no contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19.
  • Are washing hands frequently with soap and water and using hand sanitizer.
  • Are refraining from touching their faces
  • Will not enter any home for any reason.
  • Will wear required gloves and masks for all deliveries
  • Will avoid touching unnecessary items and will take every CDC-recommended precautions.
  • Will make no physical contact with residents during delivery
  • Will place items at the door and contact customer informing them that their order has been delivered.

To get started, visit www.projectgloves.org and fill out a delivery form, or call 542-9475 to place an order.