Local Group Seeks to Impeach


Some members of the community are concerned that President Donald Trump’s temperament, behavior and leadership are so faulty that they threaten this country’s democracy. Alameda4Impeachment is calling for a Congressional investigation into Trump’s behavior. They hope that such an investigation would determine whether sufficient grounds exist for Trump’s impeachment. 

Last Tuesday, Feb. 21, Alameda4Impeachment briefly demonstrated in front of City Hall to focus public attention on the rationale for impeaching Trump. The group planned to present the City Council a resolution calling on the U.S. Congress to conduct an impeachment investigation.

The group stated in a press release that its members worry that news reports and social media demonstrate growing national resistance to Trump’s performance as president and that critical issues have led to the discussion of impeachment.

Alameda4Impeachment is part of “Impeach Donald Trump Now” led by Free Speech for People and RootsAction.org. According to Alameda-4Impeachment, leading constitutional scholars and government ethics experts have warned Trump that his vast business enterprises present conflicts of interest. These conflicts may violate the Constitution, U.S. law and the public trust, the group stated in a press release. “Numerous legal challenges are already underway regarding these violations.”

“Information has become public alleging that Trump and his associates may have colluded with Russian government officials to coordinate illegal efforts to influence the outcome of the 2016 presidential election,” the group stated in its press release. “Such collusion may include undermining U.S. government policy regarding sanctions associated with Russian interference in that election.”

The group pointed out that a second group in the Bay Area presented a similar resolution to the Richmond City Council on Feb. 21.