Local Golf Club Competes


Maggie Lindquist won the Alameda Women’s Golf Club net tournament event last Thursday, Aug. 23, at the Jack Clark Course.

Lindquist posted a net 65 in the first flight among golfers with a 12 to 24 handicap. Behind Lindquist was Stephanie Bellato who shot a net 67. Bellato also posted the lowest gross score of the event with an overall 79. Bernice Herzberg finished in third place in the flight with a net 71. Dot Moody was fourth with a net 74, while Candy Tom shot a net 75 to round out the top five in the flight.

The second flight — handicap of 25 to 29 — was just as competitive. Alice Wong was victorious after shooting a net 66, but she had to fight off some tough competition. Barbara Mickle and Fran Mori both shot net 68s to tie for second place. Nora Solmoro shot a net 70 for fourth place in the flight.

Flor Ventanilla shot a net 70 to win the third flight — handicap of 30 to 32. Diane Millado finished second with a net 73. Diane Hughes and Pat O’Hara posted net 74s to tie for third place in the flight. Dee Dee Appleton shot a net 75 for fifth place. 

Sandi Kaney beat out seven other golfers to win the fourth flight — handicap of 34 to 38. Kaney shot a net 69 for the victory. Beatrice Lebrec shot a net 72 for second place. Ruby Soo and Chris Alibrandi shot net 76s for a tie of third place. Angie Vaccarezza and Mary Gong shot net 78s to tie for fifth place. 

Pam Curtis won the fifth and final flight — handicap of 39 to 40 — of the tournament with a net 71. Bobbie Hoepner shot a net 72 for second place. Siv Richards posted a net 76 for third place. Janet Kirk shot a net 77 for fourth place, while Vivian Kang shot a net 83 for fifth place.
Forty golfers competed in the tournament.

Pam Curtis won the closest-to-the-hole competition on the fifth hole. Her ball landed 1’ 3” from the pin. Solmoro’s attempt landed 2’ 2” from the hole. Millado came in third with her ball landing 5’ 4” from the hole.

Dot Moody won the competition on the 11th hole. Her ball landed 16’ from the pin.