Local Elks Lodge Honors Vets at Annual Dinner

Mike Rosati

Some 250 local residents gathered at the Alameda Elks Lodge on Veterans Day last Saturday to honor veterans and active-duty military stationed in the area. The lodge itself boasts 126 members who are veterans. The Elks’ veterans served in World War II, Korea, Vietnam and the current Middle East conflicts. 

About 40 active-duty members stationed in the area were invited as honored guests, treated to dinner and thanked for their service. Guests included the commanding officers of the Coast Guard cutters Stratton and Waesche; Army members from Camp Parks; Marines and Navy members from the Navy Operation Support Center in Alameda; as well as some military recruiters. 

The Mayor and City Council members attended and heard speaker Capt. Nathan Moore, Chief of Staff, Coast Guard Pacific Area Command. During the dinner the Elks raised money to fund their overseas care package program and to support veterans programs.