Local Authors Crank Out New Fiction

Local Authors Crank Out New Fiction

The Hatching
Alameda author and Alameda Sun co-founder Eric Turowski recently announced the release of his third horror-thriller, The Hatching. Poisoning deaths in Las Vegas lead EPA Agent Evangeline Bixby to uncover venomous creatures; their hatching spawn threatening to devour Sin City — and Bixby as well.

The book is Turowski’s third novel from Booktrope Publishing’s Forsaken imprint. 
The Hatching follows rookie agent Bixby’s hunt for her missing uncle, which dovetails into local police investigating deaths by an unknown and highly lethal toxin. Character-driven, action packed and full of surprises, the book is a wild ride into the impossible. 

Turowski’s two other novels, Willing Servants and Inhuman Interest: Story by Tess Cooper are also available from Booktrope. 

The Hatching costs $15.95 in print and $2.99 as an eBook. Learn more about Turowski’s books at www.booktrope.com. 


Death Deals a Hand
Another Alameda author, Janet Dawson announced the release of her new book, Death Deals a Hand recently. Dawson has long been interested in historic trains, and her new book is the second in her California Zephyr Mystery series, which feature plenty of train travel lore. 

Death Deals a Hand tells the story of Jill McLeod’s routine train ride from Chicago to San Francisco in 1953. When a high-stakes poker game leads to murder, all bets are off. 

The 232-page book costs $15.95. Find out more at www.scbdistributors.com.

Dawson is the author of more than a dozen mysteries, including the Jeri Howard series set in the East Bay.