Local Author Releases New Holiday Title

Alameda resident and author Donna Marie Ferro recently announced she will hold readings from her new holiday-themed book The Reindeer Dog at local coffee shops. She describes her book as “a gift to all children and adults who believe in the magic of Christmas and Santa Claus.” 

Ferro’s previous title, Italy, the Embracing Circle: Il Circolo focused on her family history. Ferro’s grandfather immigrated to Bay Farm Island from Italy in the early 20th century. Some might recall the street on Bay Farm named for her family: Ferro Court. The new book also ties into her Italian ancestry.

The setting for The Reindeer Dog is the North Pole and a little village in the Liguria Region of Italy named Alpicella. The village is where Ferro’s grandfather (nonno) was born. As a little girl hearing her nonno tell stories of the village, Ferro thought the place must have been magical. 

The Reindeer Dog catches up with Santa on his customary flight on Christmas Eve just as he arrives on the rooftop of a home in Alpicella. There he discovers a special gift. 

The story wraps itself around Christmas customs from different parts of the world, the history of Italy’s Liguria region and a touching story about an unexpected gift for Mrs. Claus. Ferro tells people the main idea behind her new book is “love.”

Ferro will read from The Reindeer Dog at local Starbucks on three Thursdays at 4 p.m. The first is today, Nov. 30, at the location at 720 Atlantic Ave.; readings continue on Dec. 7, at the location in South Shore Shopping Center (2227 S. Shore Center) and Dec. 14 at the Park Street shop (1364 Park St.)

Ferro graduated from University of California, Berkeley, and spent 40 years in college-level education and administration. During her career, she championed equal access for students with disabilities. According to her biography, Ferro’s testimony on the subject helped California lawmakers draft the legislation that would become the Americans with Disabilities Act. 

Ferro hopes her writings help dispel stereotypes surrounding Italian Americans. She reports that she already has another book in the works that focuses on anti-bullying.

The Reindeer Dog is a fully illustrated 96-page book published through Xlibris. Find out more about it at xlibris.com and other online booksellers. It is available in hardcover, paperback and electronic formats.

Courtesy photo    The Reindeer Dog is a 96-page, illustrated book for all ages.