LMS Teacher Sets Sail

Photo courtesy &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp NOAA The whole science crew deploys a tucker trawl they used to collect specimens aboard the MV Fulmar during an ecosystem study cruise in 2010. A teacher at Alameda’s Lincoln Middle School was selected to study the Pacific Ocean’s ecosystem on the MV Fulmar this week.

LMS Teacher Sets Sail


Lincoln Middle School science teacher Jennifer Hartigan is participating in a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) eight-day ecosystem study aboard the Research Vessel Fulmar.

Hartigan departed Sausalito last Friday, July 21, on an applied California current ecosystem study, part of NOAA’s Teacher at Sea program. She will return this Saturday. 

“Teacher at Sea helps bridge science and education through real-world research experiences giving teachers an opportunity to participate in cutting-edge science on the ocean, working side-by-side with world-renowned scientists,” said Program Director Jennifer Hammond. “Teachers describe this authentic research experience as transformative and one that allows them to bring new knowledge and excitement back to their classrooms.”

“Through my experience with NOAA, my students will not only be able to learn first-hand about exciting research projects at sea, they will be witnesses to them, and on some level, participants in them,” Hartigan said. “Making their learning relevant through my own hands-on experiences is vital to getting students excited about science.”

Now in its 27th year, the program has provided nearly 750 teachers the opportunity to gain first-hand experience participating in science at sea. This year, NOAA received applications from nearly 250 teachers. Hartigan was among a group of just 30 teachers selected to participate in this year’s research cruises.

“These educators are able to enrich their curricula with the depth of understanding they gain by living and working side-by-side with scientists studying the marine environment,” Hammond said. 

Hartigan is blogging about her experience at http://teacheratsea.noaa.gov/#/2017/Jennifer*Hartigan/blogs.