LimeBike Program Turns in First Data Report

LimeBike, Alameda’s new bikesharing program that allows the public to easily access a well maintained bicycle reports more than 10,000 rides have been taken in the program’s first 30 days. Since its launch on Oct. 5, in a six-month pilot program, LimeBike has been compiling data on its users and will provide monthly reporting to the city. In addition to the total rides
taken, Limebike reports over the last 30 days:

• An average of 350 rides were taken per day.
• An average number of 266 unique riders have used a LimeBike each day.
• Peak times for usage are the morning and evening commutes.

“We are excited to have data that shows a high and continued level of ridership on the island,”
stated City Manager Jill Keimach. “LimeBike’s innovative and costeffective dockless bike share program is good for Alameda — reducing trips taken by cars, alleviating traffic, and it is free to the City.”

The program’s customer service and operations ground teams are comprised of five full-time employees that maintain and redistribute the bikes in town. The LimeBike smartphone app includes information regarding laws and regulations, including those requiring all riders
younger than 18 to wear a helmet.

Every couple of days, the ground team sweeps East Oakland and the surrounding areas to locate LimeBikes that have ventured off-Island. LimeBike continues to fine tune their operations to increase ridership and maintain a good presence. Last month, many bikes were upgraded from three to eight gears.

To address concerns in the community, LimeBike is finding ways to reduce the program’s impact on limited rack space for bikes. The company has also agreed to help distribute helmets and provide education at local schools on the importance of wearing helmets.

Report problems with bikes directly to LimeBike at 1-888-LIME-345, text 1-888-546-3345, or email

Share feedback about this pilot bike share program with the City of Alameda by email at Read a just-posted Frequently Asked Questions document and get additional information on the city’s website at