Lighthouse Mystery Strikes Alameda

Photo by Maurice Ramirez ALAS head, Admiral Banyan Azimuth, (ret.), with one of the lighthouse replicas made by the Lighthouse Model Assemblers Organization (LMAO).

Lighthouse Mystery Strikes Alameda

Keep your eyes peeled for unusual and unfamiliar lights appearing in the night sky thanks to the Alameda Lighthouse Appreciation Society (ALAS).

In celebration of International Lighthouse Recognition Month, which begins Tuesday, April 1, several countries and renowned organizations will be honoring these glowing architectural marvels with events and celebrations around the globe.

ALAS has collaborated with the North American Lighthouse Regents (NALR) in Fort Digby, Manitoba, as well as the Nordic and Icelandic Lighthouse Guild (NILG) in Reykjavik, Iceland and the El Faro la Luz de la Admiracion Surtido in Yelapa, Mexico to bring a variety of mini-masterpieces to the fair Island City.

Four scaled-down lighthouses (one for each point of the compass) ranging from four- to six-feet tall will be calling various obscure locations in Alameda home for the month of April. Powered by solar cells, residents may find their beacons radiating light in the quiet and darkened far reaches of the Island — just how wayward sailors might have discovered them in bygone eras.

Within the delineated, pictographic and hieroglyphic clues located on the five lighthouses are hidden secrets — puzzle pieces that together explain the ancient, mystic and entrusted wisdom of the Lighthouse Model Assemblers Organization (LMAO). Alameda has been chosen as a host city for this traveling light show because of its maritime history.

No more information will be related on this rare and iconic installation, so Alamedans will be left to their own devices, ingenuity and cunning to locate these glowing treasures, and to break their ancient code.

All April Foolishness aside, residents who decode the lighthouse mystery could win a prize. The first reader fortunate enough to locate all the lighthouses and decipher their messages is encouraged to contact the ALAS via the Alameda Sun and some sort of prize will be awarded.

Banyan Azimuth is the acting head of ALAS.