Levias Wins Alameda on Camera Award

Cha Levias takes a moment near her award-winning photograph at the Frank Bette Center for the Arts. Her work and the works of her fellow “Alameda on Camera” photographers will be on display through Saturday at 6 p.m.

Each year the Frank Bette Center for the Arts sponsors “Alameda on Camera,” a juried event that involves 48 photo-based artists, who roam the city over a 48-hour period to capture images of select neighborhoods. The photographers received their assigned neighborhoods by drawing numbers.

Cha Levias drew number 27. She learned that meant she would be taking her pictures in an area on the north side of town.  She needed to scout out Area 27 and photograph something in that area that intrigued her and something she hoped just might intrigue the jury. 

Levias checked out her area the first evening of the contest. She did some reconnaissance and found an object that interested her: a trailer parked in front a building. If she shot the picture a certain way it just might look like the trailer was part of the building; like a truck might just come along, hook itself to that trailer and drive off with the entire building and all its contents in tow.

Levias returned the following Sunday and saw not only was the trailer still there, but that the light was perfect for the picture she wanted to take. She later learned that the scene that she had found interesting also interested the jury, so much so that the jury awarded her the “Every Picture Tells a Story” award. 

“Alameda on Camera” is coming to a close. Levias’ work and the work of her fellow artists and photographers will be on display through 6 p.m., Saturday, at the Frank Bette Center for the Arts, 1601 Paru St. Call 523-6957