Learning Center Rallies for Climate

Learning Center Rallies for Climate

On Sept. 20, in 120 countries, some 4 million people rallied at an estimated 2,500 climate strikes to demand action to prevent climate change. These rallies have been described as the largest youth-led global demonstration in history. Alameda Community Learning Center participated with a climate strike rally organized by student leaders. Students made posters and shared passionate speeches and poems, including one by Alameda Poet Laureate, Cathy Dana, titled “One Planet, Count ‘em, One.” 

One Planet, Count ’em: one
Cathy Dana

One planet. We’ve got one planet.
One planet that sustains us.
One planet that is home to 
every species.
One planet that makes life 
One planet that nurtures 
all diversity.
One planet of mountains, valleys, deserts, forests, plains.
One planet of oceans, rivers, lakes, underground springs.
Everyone you love lives 
on this planet.
Everything you love exists 
on this planet.
In the vast cosmos, our planet
is a dot on a dot on a dot.
But to us, it is everything.

One planet. We’ve got one planet.
And one chance to save her.
One planet, one chance.

Cathy Dana is one of Alameda’s poets laureate.