Learn to Meditate in Free Classes

For those seeking an avenue to peace in their lives, classes on meditation will be offered on a donation basis all day on Memorial Day, Monday, May 25. Concentration: Meditation in Movement and Stillness will be led by Pauletta Chanco and Dina Hondrogen.

The classes promise to explore the interconnected practices of yoga and meditation, providing increased body awareness, concentration and overall mindfulness.

"Yoga is meditation in action," said Chanco. "Opening the body, using the breath and moving inward brings a stable and grounded mind that is less likely to chase after mental distractions."

Class-goers will experience how yoga helps settle the mind into stillness for sitting meditation and how the two mechanisms for concentration complement one another.

Contact Chanco for more information at pauletta.chanco@gmail.com. The classes take place at Island Yoga, 911 Central Ave.