Lastest Case Numbers

Alameda County has seen a small spike in confirmed coronavirus cases over the past two weeks, according to the Alameda County Public Health Department (ACPHD).

On Monday, May 18, ACPHD released a daily update of the county’s confirmed COVID-19 cases on its website. In the two weeks since the Alameda Sun last reported ACPHD’s results, COVID-19 cases have increased by 713, from 1,809 on May 4, to 2,522 on May 18. In the two weeks prior, from April 20 to May 4, Alameda County reported 618 new coronavirus cases.

The 713 new cases in the last two weeks represent an increase of about 51 new cases a day. New cases between April 20 and May 4 averaged about 44 a day. 

The county saw a spike in confirmed COVID-19 cases on May 13. ACPHD reported 66 cases on May 13, 56 on May 14, 63 on May 15 and 57 on May 16. There was a dip on May 17 with just 35 new cases, but the decrease was short-lived as cases rose to 64 on May 18. Between May 9 and 13, daily confirmed cases were less than 45. 

Though the rate of new cases has gone up, the death rate has gone down slightly. ACPHD reported 86 total deaths due to COVID-19 on May 18. This is up 20 from the 66 deaths reported on May 4. Between April 20 to May 4, deaths increased by 24 from 42 to 66. 

The rate of new cases in the city of Alameda has also gone down. ACPHD reported the city had just two new coronavirus cases, from 40 to 42, between May 4 to May 18. The increase pales in comparison to the 11 new cases, from 29 to 40, from April 20 to May 4. 

Men still make up most COVID-19 patients in the county. Men account for 1,297 of COVID-19 patients, while women account for 1,205. Twenty patients are unknown gender.

The county’s COVID-19 results are updated daily at