Last Chance to Take in Coupled: The Art of Love

Van Le  Artwork including the above, created by local husband-and-wife artist teams, remain on display until tomorrow night at Rhythmix Cultural Works.

Last Chance to Take in Coupled: The Art of Love


Walking into the K gallery at Rhythmix Cultural Works to view the recent exhibition, Coupled, I was greeted with walls adorned by exquisite paintings, astonishing photographs, clay sculptures and an air of illuminative artistry. Going from section to section, I had the opportunity to embrace the progress of love, the memory of the love and the happiness in finding love through each individual’s artistic story. 

Still open until tomorrow night’s closing celebration, the group exhibition aims to provide an interactive experience for the public through the representation, discovery and appreciation for love. 

Ed Holmes, the photographer behind Holmes’s and Janet Koike’s photographic installation, reminisces upon the couple’s 35 years of being “desert rats.” Intertwining their love for desert road trips and their passion for sharing these memories, the couple created complex and vibrant imagery of romance on the road and the unique story of how traveling away from home only brought their hearts closer.     

Joined by Charlie and Deborah Sullivan along with Tom White and Styrous, the coupled artists explore the dynamic of marriage in influencing the expression of art. 

From geometric paintings and a nostalgic collection of photo books to clay creations highlighting the love adventures of Itchy and Pussy complete with a blazing campfire, the artists encourage the public to probe the lifelong question of “How much of our world view comes from who we live with and love.” Coupled is a sight worth promenading upon, leaving its viewers with a wave of rejuvenating compassion and deeply enlightened with the intrinsic power behind lasting love.


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