Killer Charged

Killer Charged


A man pled no contest to seven counts of first-degree murder and three counts of premeditated murder Tuesday, May 2, for the killing of seven people at Oikos University in Oakland five years ago. 

One Goh, 48, also pleaded no contest to the special circumstance allegations of committing a murder during a kidnapping and committing multiple murders. As part of the plea deal Goh, a South Korea native, will be sentenced to seven consecutive terms of life in prison without parole, plus 271 years to life, according to Alameda County prosecutor Stacie Pettigrew. Goh’s official sentencing hearing is July 14.

The murders took place at Oikos University, near Oakland International Airport, on April 2, 2012. Goh forced a secretary into a classroom and demanded the classmembers line up. When some did not cooperate he began shooting, according to Oakland Police Department. He killed six people and wounded three others inside the university. He later shot and killed the owner of a blue Honda and stole his car. 

He drove to the Safeway at Alameda South Shore Center and confessed his crimes to employees. Employees notified the Alameda Police Department (APD). APD officers apprehended him and later contacted Oakland police.

Goh dropped out of Oikos several months before the shooting and wanted his tuition refunded, according to reports for his motive of the crime.

Goh was under psychiatric evaluation for almost four years before a judge deemed him fit to stand trial two weeks ago.