Kids Who Code

Kids Who Code

The Alameda Free Library is offering a virtual gaming-based STEM program introducing Computer Science and C++ programming.

In this engaging virtual program for tweens and teens, college tutors will present lessons on and demonstrate basic coding skills using the language of C++, introduce students to the field of Computer Science and its broad, real-world applications, and lead small groups in web-based C++ coding activities.

The free program is being offered by Yusuf Ahmad, Ibraheem Syed, Anthony Sarabia, and members of the Los Positas College Computer Science Club.

Participants will need a Chromebook, laptop, or desktop computer and internet access to participate, and must have basic knowledge of logical reasoning and computing skills.
This is an introductory program open to sixth through 12th grade coding beginners with a desire to learn C++ programming and the real-world application of Computer Science.

Participants will meet with tutors via Zoom every Sunday from 2 to 3 p.m. for 8 weeks. The program began on Jan. 23 and runs through March 13. Participants can still join; however, meetings will not be recorded, and make-ups are not available.

Participants should plan to attend each meeting as lessons will progress each week.

Tutors are volunteers not representative of their respective colleges or the Alameda Free Library. Registration is required, with a limit of 20 participants. To join the program, contact Andie Cultrera at 510-747-7705 or