Key Employer at Harbor Bay Plans to Move Out

VF Outdoors headed for Denver

VF Outdoor announced that it will move its company with 650 employees to Denver, Colo., next year. In 2011, the company worked with SRMErnst — now busy at Alameda Point — to build a campus on Harbor Bay Parkway. The company moved from San Leandro into its 14-acre waterfront digs in 2012, bringing its brands that include The North Face and Lucy under one roof. It enhanced the space with an “innovation lab” in 2014.

According to the Denver Post, the state of Colorado is providing VF Outdoor with $27 million in incentives to make the move. The Post reports that about 85 of the company’s executives will move to the Mile-High City next spring.  “They are the first wave of a relocation and consolidation plan that will see The North Face, JanSport, Eagle Creek and Altra move their headquarters into Colorado.”

The total of $27 million in tax incentives will only be awarded if the company is able to successfully make the move and settle into Colorado by 2026. 

VF Outdoors is one of Alameda’s largest employers. The city’s economic development staff will face the task of finding a suitable replacement, not only to match the amount of employees lost in the move but to find a new tenant for the campus that VF Outdoor is leaving behind.