Keeping Busy at Home &nbsp&nbsp Pink Flamingo hand-compositions are a fun and easy project. You probably already the materials.

Keeping Busy at Home

I don’t know about you, but my wife and I find it hard to keep our kids busy during the summertime. With everyone sheltering-in-place these days it’s even harder to keep keep them busy and keep their screentime down. Luckily, there are plenty of crafts for kids to help keep kids engaged and allow them to tap into their creative juices - they may even learn a thing or two.

From tie-dye blankets to painted rocks — mermaid-style hair accessories to paper plate animal masks — there are a myriad of fun crafts for them to do that won’t break the bank for us parents.

The folks at Good Housekeeping have been kind enough to put together a list of fun projects ranging from toddler-easy to parents-might-wanna-help. They have gathered them all together on their website with links to the various tutorials with materials lists as well.

So, if you’re feeling the pinch of couped up kids and need a release, some space or just want to get messy with the kids visit,

Colin Close is a graphic designer, musician, father, husband and  Alameda ex-pat living in California’s Central Valley.