June 7 Primary Election Guide

Alameda Chamber & Economic Alliance--Rebecca Kaplan, Surlene Grant, Lena Tam and David Kakishiba are the candidates for the Alameda County Board of Supervisor District 3 seat.

June 7 Primary Election Guide

Alamedans will be asked to vote on several races in the June 7 Primary Election. Here is a list of races and candidates in the election.

Measure B
The major issue directly impacting Alameda homeowners, educators and students in the June 7 election is Measure B. Measure B would authorize $298 million in bonds to upgrade local classrooms, math/science labs, technology, college/career training facilities for high quality academic education; improve accessibility, earthquake safety, school security, water quality/plumbing systems; renovate, acquire, construct, classrooms, sites, facilities/equipment for the Alameda Unified School District (AUSD). The measure would raise approximately $14.7 million annually by levying, on average, a property tax increase of $45 per $100,000 assessed value to property owners.

Supporters of the measure say, “Good schools are a part of what makes Alameda a great place to live, whether or not you have school-aged children.” While opponents say an additional $670 a year in property taxes would be a hardship for many Alameda homeowners who already pay over $1,000 per year for AUSD Measures B1 and A parcel taxes.

Voters already approved Measure I, a $179.5 million infrastructure bond, to upgrade and modernize Alameda schools in 2014, and two parcel taxes, Measure B1 and Measure A, in 2016 and 2020, respectively. Measure I bond funds have already been issued to the school district.

Measure B needs 55% YES votes to be approved.

Alameda County Board of Supervisor, District 3
Four candidates will vie for the Alameda County Board of Supervisor seat that was vacated by the death of Wilma Chan last November, (“Farewell, Wilma Chan,” Nov. 9, 2021).
• Surlene Grant is a decade-long San Leandro City Councilmember. Grant served as San Leandro Vice Mayor and the chair of the Alameda County Housing Authority. If elected, Grant said her priorities would include expanding access to housing of all types, prioritizing renewable energy and establishing more effective mental health services.
• David Kakishiba, a longtime resident of Oakland, has served as the executive director of the East Bay Asian Youth Center for the past 40 years and a dozen years on the Oakland Unified School District board. His priorities include funding to eradicate homelessness, county sheriff oversight and establish universal family access to early childhood education.
• Rebecca Kaplan is Oakland’s at-large councilmember, representing all of Oakland since 2008. Kaplan is currently the senior member of the Oakland City Council. Kaplan has served on the Alameda County Transportation Commission, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, the Coliseum stadium joint powers authority and the AC Transit board. Kaplan’s priorities are community safety, eradicating homelessness and more.
• Lena Tam is a former Alameda councilmember and vice mayor. She served as president of the city of Alameda Health Care Board and chair of the Alameda County Planning Board. She is currently a manager of the East Bay Municipal Utility District’s water planning department. Her list of priorities includes safe and sustainable transportation and environmental protection.

Alameda County District Attorney
Current Alameda County District Attorney (DA) Nancy O’Malley decided to retire.
• Pamela Price is a civil-rights attorney. If elected, she intends to expand the office’s integrity unit, so it has the capacity to examine allegations of prosecutorial misconduct.
• Seth Steward currently serves as chief of staff to Oakland Councilmember Dan Kalb. However, Stewart is a former prosecutor. One of his main priorities is providing the public with more data about the DA’s office.
• Terry Wiley is a 32-year veteran of the Alameda DA’s office and currently the third-highest ranking member of the office as a chief deputy district attorney.
• Jimmie Wilson joined the Alameda DA’s office as a deputy district attorney upon his graduation in 2004 after 16 years as a plumber.

Alameda County Superintendent of Schools
• Incumbent L.K. Monroe is seeking a third consecutive term. She has campaigned on a message of stable leadership through the pandemic and a continuation of her efforts to strengthen work-based learning and emotional support for students.
• Alysse Castro is the executive director of county schools in San Francisco. She intends to expand the Alameda County Office of Education support and training offered to school districts.

Alameda County Sheriff/Coroner
• Incumbent Gregory Ahern has been the Alameda County Sheriff since 2006. He has been with the sheriff’s office since 1980. He told The Oaklandside he is against civilian oversight of his office because his office already undergoes reviews by the federal and state Department of Justice, the Alameda County Civil Grand Jury.
• Yesenia Sanchez currently oversees Santa Rita Jail in Dublin. One of her main priorities is staff at the jail.
• Joann Walker is a 26-year veteran of the San Francisco Police Department. One of her priorities would be to address the number of in-custody deaths at the Santa Rita Jail.

If none of the candidates in the four position-filled races receive 50% or more of the vote, a runoff election between the top two vote getters in each race will be held during the November general election.

To learn more, read the Alameda League of Women's Voters' election guide at www.lwvalameda.org.