Join Reading for Poetry Month

Poetic Alamedans come celebrate, Wednesday, April 25, is the date.
At Books Inc., at 7 p.m.,

You’re invited to read 
a beloved poem!
So bring your Chaucer,
Angelou and Plath.
Read some Walt Whitman,
(the polymath),
Some Gluck, or Haas,
Dickinson or Brooks.
Share from your head,
Or read from books!
Silverstein, Bob Frost,Cathy Dana,
Amos White, Sappho, 
and Gene Kahana,
For ’tis our month,
It’s designated,
And why blessed words,
Were first created!

Books Inc. is located at 1344 Park St. For more information, call 522-2226 or visit www.


Gene Kahane is one of Alameda’s poets laureate.