Join Local Efforts to Help out Nepal

Courtesy photo -- Mayor Trish Spencer speaks with a representative of the local Nepalese community on the City Hall steps.

Join Local Efforts to Help out Nepal

On April 25 a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Barpak, Nepal, about 110 miles northwest of the country’s capital city, Kathmandu. The quake and subsequent aftershocks wiped out Barpa. It has caused devastation far beyond the village at the shaker’s epicenter, affecting communities in Nepal, India and Bangladesh. The disaster is the worst to hit Nepal since the 8.1 Nepal-Bihar earthquake on Jan. 15, 1934. 

The temblor also triggered an avalanche on Mount Everest that killed at least 19 people, making April 25 the deadliest day on Mount Everest in history.

“The earthquake is now known to have killed more than 7,500 people and injured more than 14,500, the BBC reported on Tuesday. According to the BBC report, $415 million is needed for humanitarian relief. Three million people are in need of food aid. The earthquake destroyed 130,000 houses; 24,000 people are living in makeshift camps.

Where to send money is a personal choice. Here are just some of the organizations helping with the devastation that could use your help: AmeriCares, CARE, Direct Relief, the Red Cross, Global Giving, Operation USA and Save the Children. 

Time is of the essence. “Planting season is six weeks away, and if you miss that you’ll need to deliver food aid for another three months,” Jamie McGoldrick, the United Nations resident coordinator told The New York Times last Saturday. “(Monsoon season) is coming in eight weeks. So it’s very precarious.”