Japanese Educators Visit Local School

Dennis Evanosky &nbsp&nbsp Two Japanese educators recently visited Alameda Science and Technology Institute as part of their studies of the American education system. Mayor Trish Spencer was on hand to welcome the visitors (from left to right) Hideo Sugao (interpreter), Dr. Masahiro Nil, Dr. Tomohito Harada, ASTI teacher Brian Rodriguez, Marilyn Rodriguez and Spencer.

Japanese Educators Visit Local School

Alameda Science and Technology Institute (ASTI) history teacher Brian Rodriguez recently hosted two visiting educators from Japan. During their visit to ASTI, Tomohito Harada and Masahiro Nil attended a multi-media presentation by sophomores studying American history. 

The students divided their presentation into six-minute vignettes that featured shantytowns, hoboes, the New Deal, family life and literature. The professors also observed an ASTI freshman class studying the Chinese Revolution and Chinese culture. The freshmen presented China’s Cram schools and the Gaokao, a high-stakes test, which requires months of preparation.

Harada expressed deep appreciation for the student presentations. He and Nil enjoyed lunch with ASTI staff and Mayor Trish Spencer. 

“I was deeply honored to host Professor Harada and his team from Hyogo University,” Rodriguez said. “ASTI students did an outstanding job in the classroom.”