The Isle of Horrors

Courtesy Linda Asbury &nbsp&nbsp The infamous doll “Chucky” was seen haunting Webster Street this Halloween.

The Isle of Horrors

Island witches take Halloween ride

Halloween must have cast a powerful spell over Alameda long ago. It has such a special love for Halloween. It’s a magical time of year on this Island.

A group of Alameda’s finest and most powerful witches took a casual group bike ride on All Hallows’ Eve. They enjoyed the sights and sounds of autumn in Alameda and spread a few smiles. The purpose was simply to joy ride through space in a pack. 

The coven would like to send a special note to the inspirational young person who recently pled her case to the school district and won a reversal on the ban on Halloween in schools. The group hopes to let third grader Sienna Arroyo know how inspirational she is and that when she grows up she is certainly invited to join the Witches Ride. The witches encourage her to continue to play and, on occasion, wear costumes.

Betty Young    Near Grand Street, trick or treaters approached a house by ducking under a giant black cat.
Eric J. Kos    Grand Street at San Jose Avenue turns into “Halloween Central” on the night of Oct. 31.