Island Shocked by Discovery of New Fossil ‘Alamedont’

Councilmember John Knox White attempts to excavate the first remains ever discovered of the elusive dinosaur species known as the “Alamedont.” The creature is known for its singular giant tooth, shown above.

Island Shocked by Discovery of New Fossil ‘Alamedont’

Residents near the East End shoreline were surprised to discover their neighborhood was once the site of a Jurassic-era watering hole. Recent record-high tides helped expose a bone sticking out of the the banks of San Leandro Bay. It turns out this bone wasn’t just any bone, but a giant tooth, belonging to a newly defined dinosaur species known as the alamedont.

The name was chosen based on both its location of discovery and its unique bicuspid believed to be used in much the manner a beaver would, building a giant nest in marshy areas, like the ones that once adjoined the San Francisco Bay and much of Alameda.

Local residents called authorities to collect the remains that are undergoing investigation. Further excavations in the area uncovered several other known species, suggesting the area may have been frequented based on the availability of fresh artesian water.

Primary among the other species discovered at the location was the aprilfoolsasaurus.