Island City All Geared up for Halloween

When it comes to Halloween, Alameda has a great sense of humor. The Island has been preparing for the hordes of young ghosts and goblins to descend on the city Thursday night, some developing elaborate, decorative displays to convey their enthusiasm for the macabre holiday. A resident on Grand Street, above, will likely host hundreds of trick-or-treaters and chose to invoke psychedelic rockers The Grateful Dead with their display. Other Alamedans have set up a haunted carnival, a scene from Disney’s Fantasia, glowing ghouls and more.

The real spectre haunting the Gold Coast resides at the corner of San Antonio Avenue and Union Street. Celebrating its third year, “A Very Trump Halloween” (bottom) has added even more horrifying elements to its display. The decorations are so elaborate and insightful as to defy description on these simple pages. Readers will have to visit the location to decide for themselves whether or not it’s fake news.