Island Arts

The Bumper Box is one of the unique exhibits created by the Schiess brothers of Alameda to demonstrate scientific principles through pinball. This and several other exhibits will be displayed at a museum in Germany.

Alameda artists have contributed to an exhibition now heading to Germany for display at the Phaeno Museum in Wolfsburg, Germany. The Pacific Pinball Museum (PPM) of Alameda will present several interactive science exhibits, playable pinball machines and large hand-painted reproductions of pinball art in a show starting Wednesday, May 13, in Wolfsburg.

Fairy tale and folk undertones shade story of Thatcher-era England

Mothers and Sons: Mrs. Johnstone (Donna Turner) and Mickey (Michael Scott Wells) face off against Eddie (Nathan Brown) and Mrs. Lyons (Amber Somerfield) in Altarena Playhouse’s musical, Blood Brothers.

Local author pens science fiction story

Gaia is a futuristic novel, a mystery, an adventure story and a polemic on conservation. Oh yes, in case you’re put off by a heartfelt argument for saving our environment, it is also a love story. This is the first of Alameda author Morton Chalfy’s books available in Kindle (and other reading devices) and in paperback. There are more in the production pipeline.

Harbor Bay Landing hosts celebration for Year of Ram

Lunar New Year is one of the most important of the traditional Asian holidays. On Saturday, March 14, the Harbor Bay Intercultural Committee will host its 17th Spring Festival at the Harbor Bay Landing Shopping Center to celebrate the coming of the Year of the Ram, in the Chinese zodiac.

The first day of the Year of the Ram fell on Feb. 19. People born in the Year of the Ram are clever, kind-hearted, helpful, trusting and popular.

The fictional Father Frederick "Freddie" Monahan may have gone down with the Titanic in 1912, but he’s back in angelic form in 2015.He’s raising holy heretical hell in Frederick Donne’s provocative book Tear Drops Of God.