Island Arts


Each year, seniors at Island High School have a chance to write and perform poetry as part of a “Poetry Slam” unit in teacher John Nolan’s English class. The resulting poems treat a wide number of topics in a broad range of styles. 

But all provide a glimpse into the ways that teens perceive and handle what can be challenging life circumstances. This year’s slam took place on March 16. 

Cue the fireworks and dancing boys: I have an announcement. The Gin Game is the best show I have ever seen at Altarena, in 15 years of reviewing. Top notch, stellar, outstanding: What else can I say? I’m not given to superlatives in reviews, especially because I’ve seen so much mediocre theatre since I started reviewing in the Bay Area in 1992. But this. The Gin Game: Go see it.

There are no ninja, vampires or time-travelers. The two actors, who comprise the entire cast, are older, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t drama, action, violence, romance and comedy. 

The meaning of the Easter legend could be construed as the power of belief in the omnipresence and omnipotence of Spirit to overcome any human condition, including death.

In his new book, Bridges author and mystic J.T Evergreen shows- via an anthology of intriguing short stories — how awareness of the presence of spirit can positively influence and harmonize virtually any situation. He defines that resurrecting, Easter-like process as a “Bridge.”

The Hatching
Alameda author and Alameda Sun co-founder Eric Turowski recently announced the release of his third horror-thriller, The Hatching. Poisoning deaths in Las Vegas lead EPA Agent Evangeline Bixby to uncover venomous creatures; their hatching spawn threatening to devour Sin City — and Bixby as well.

You can get to Venezuela on the northern end of South America in 10 or 15 hours from Oakland International Airport. Or you can get to Rhythmix Cultural Works the northern end of Alameda for an authentic Venezuelan experience engaging all the senses.

Arrayed across the stage at Rhythmix for an 8 p.m. show on Thursday, March 18, will be the 10 master players and singers of Jackeline Rago & Venezuelan Music Project. The group will offer the infectiously exuberant, syncopated rhythms of calypso music from Venezuela and around the Caribbean.