Island Arts


Friday, July 15

  • 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. Express Yourself!: Share the arts, music, poetry or just observe. Suggested donation: $10 with some of the proceeds going to charity. Bring a snack to share. Home of Truth, 1300 Grand St. (Info: Cathy Dana, 523-7853)

Saturday, July 16


“You’re more likely to marry Johnny Depp, or swallow a tugboat, than you are to end up where you set out in life…” So says Louis Trager in the new collection of writings I Believe published by Alameda Reads, a free service of the Alameda Free Library. 



Kelly Takunda Orphan comes by her claim to global citizenship in music and in life via her family’s Armenian roots, her African education and years spent performing in the Bay Area world music scene. Alamedans will have the chance to hear her ensemble, the KTO Project, at Rhythmix Cultural Works on Saturday, June 25.


Longtime Alamedan showcases 43 years of island dancing

Alameda-based West Coast Dance (WCD) Theatre will host its 43rd annual musical song and dance production. It’s described as a cavalcade of fluorescent colors, pop tunes and funky, fancy footwork. The two-day production that celebrates 43 years of West Coast Dancers showcases the stars of tomorrow singing and dancing to favorite songs from the past to the present.