Island Arts


There are houses down your shaded streets — 
beneath your oaks, your ginkos, your avenues of palm — 
Leaded in glass, shingled in fish-scale, spangled with gingerbread,
Victorian ladies tarted up for Carnival,
their history and lore curving like a staircase into view.

Gentlemen strolled in spats, ladies swung their parasols, 
bay breezes curling with fog and the clank of halyards, snapping flags. Water, at every turn,
glittering to shore, to ship, to ankles and toes. 



The Home of Truth Spiritual Center is a community of people in Alameda committed to deepening the experience of the Divine in their lives. The center recently announced it will host “Bringing Us All Together,” a benefit concert for David Hatch and The Home of Truth this Saturday, Jan. 28, from 7 to 9:30 p.m.

The concert is being held in remembrance of nine members of The Home of Truth who have passed on. A song will be dedicated to each one.
Tickets are by donation.


Mystery of Edwin Drood, Rumors on Slate at Michaan’s Theater

Alameda kids will be performing a pair of theater classics later this month when the Tomorrow Youth Repertory troupe presents Neil Simon’s Rumors and The Mystery of Edwin Drood at Alameda Point’s Michaan’s Theater, 2700 Saratoga St., Alameda. The group puts on several performances throughout the year in Alameda.