Island Arts

Rhythmix Cultural Works (RCW) is embarking on one of its most ambitious arts undertakings this year: to convert its live world music and dance assembly program into a virtual format to provide Alameda and Oakland public school students continued access to high quality arts education opportunities during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Once made promises
Daily now badly broken
History repeats.

The season to return to school is near,
A time of woe for some, for others cheer,
Tradition was you’d fill your backpack full,
With paper, pens and all the learning tools,

But now you are presented with a task,
To learn at home, online, sometimes with mask,
Uncertainty is the name of your new friend,
And we know not when this hard time will end,

Yet let me offer hope to fight your fears,
From someone who once taught for many years,
School is a place that used a bell to start,
But school is also living in your heart,

The Community Garden Project on Webster Street was a huge success. On my way over I grabbed every plant with a pink flower from Grocery Outlet along with a shiny new shovel. I finally got to meet the famous Maggie while checking out and she promised she would visit my plants in their new home.

The “Front Porch Blues” feted East End neighbors to 90 minutes of live music, which enlivened an unusually subdued Alameda Fourth of July, with their audience safely ensconced on front porches and in their driveways.

Guitarists Dennis Cole (left) and Greg Kaufman performed mainstay tunes that included, “Muddy Waters, “Hoochie Koochie Man” and Howlin’ Wolf’s “Little Red Rooster” at the front door of Cole’s home.