How Massage Benefits Us

Courtesy photo  The benefits of massage are clear to those who have experienced them

How Massage Benefits Us

The most common reason individuals seek to receive a massage is they desire relaxation. Whether they are experiencing mental, emotional or physical stress, massage therapy is a great way to initiate or aid in the healing process. 

A key reason why massage can alleviate these symptoms is it stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system. This allows the heart rate to slow down and regulate itself. This is why the massage recipient often times experiences a sedating or relaxing effect when matched with a great massage therapist. 

This sensation affects not only the body, but the mind as well. It eases stressful thoughts and feelings, similar to the effect of meditation. A massage session can leave the recipient feeling calm, collected and more balanced. This effect can sometimes last a number of days if the proper steps are taken at home (such as hydration and stretching). 

Always ask your massage therapist if you need any tips or recommendations regarding home or self-care; we are happy to help!

When extensive tension exists in different parts of the body, those areas become stagnant, due to a lack of oxygen and an abundance of toxicity. This can cause one to feel discomfort, pain or experience a limited range of movement in those areas. 

A key reason why massage relieves discomfort for so many individuals is every massage stroke helps the client’s body circulate blood and lymph. Increasing and encouraging the circulation of blood brings more oxygen to the muscle tissue, which allows the fibers to release tension and relax. 

Increasing the circulation of lymph speeds up the disposal of toxins that flow through the body instead of becoming trapped in the muscle tissue where they stagnate. By increasing and improving the circulation of both fluids, a person will experience pain relief in problem areas and an increase in range of movement. Lessening overall tension also aids in experiencing sound and refreshing sleep.

Receiving regular massage therapy over the long term can also benefit one’s posture. When muscles become tight from extended periods of sitting or standing, they can pull our body out of alignment. 

Massage is a great way to relax those muscles and prolong the wellbeing of our bodies. Achieving a healthy mind, body and soul is a process which takes time and mindfulness. 

By incorporating regular massage into your daily healthcare and activity regimen, you too can experience beneficial changes and achieve an overall sense of wellbeing. The more regularly one receives massage therapy, the more beneficial the results become.