How Do You Get to Carnegie Hall?

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How Do You Get to Carnegie Hall?

Local cellist plays for second time at New York institution

Alameda Community Learning Center sixth-grader Isabelle Brown-Lyden (left), performed the Prelude from Cello Suite No.1 in G Major by J.S. Bach at Carnegie Hall on March 25. She recently won second place in the American Protégé Competition for Piano and Strings.

Brown-Lyden’s performance marks the second time she has taken the Carnegie Hall stage, and her third New York City performance. 

She has performed as an honors soloist at the Colorado Suzuki Institute and the Stanford Suzuki Institute, as well as in benefit concerts throughout the Bay Area since she was five years old. Brown-Lynden also plays jazz and the fiddle with an all-girl group called the Flaming Strings. 

She studies weekly with teacher Andy Luchansky, and daily with her cello-playing mother, Marcie Brown.