How Alameda Businesses Can Protect the Climate

How Alameda Businesses Can Protect the Climate

Alameda businesses can play an important role in reducing Alameda’s greenhouse gas emissions. Many of the climate protection actions businesses can take also reduce expenses, making them more profitable. For example, by making changes to save on gas and electricity and reduce waste, businesses can save money while protecting the climate.

A good place to start is by reviewing all of the rebates Alameda Municipal Power (AMP) offers businesses at There are AMP rebates for lighting retrofits, heat pump water heater, HVAC and food service equipment. Save on the equipment costs with the rebates and save money over the long run with reduced energy bills, all while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Another area for businesses to explore is waste reduction. A great free resource for businesses is StopWaste, a public agency that provides assistance to Alameda County businesses. StopWaste can help businesses lower operating costs and protect the climate through recycling, waste prevention and resource efficiency improvements. Businesses can request a waste prevention consultation over the phone or onsite and can apply for grants needed to reduce waste and for recycling. For more information check out

And then there is landscaping. Planting native drought tolerant plants and trees lowers water bills and the plants and trees absorb carbon dioxide, a powerful greenhouse gas. East Bay Municipal Utility District offers rebates and programs for all EBMUD customers for drought tolerant plantings. Check out

As transportation produces ~70 percent of Alameda’s greenhouse gas emissions, incentives businesses can provide to encourage bicycling and Electric Vehicle modes of transportation are extremely helpful. Providing safe bicycle parking and EV charging stations can help retain environmentally minded workers. AMP also offers significant rebates to businesses who install EV charging stations. For more details go to

Together we can meet our Alameda Climate Emergency Goal of achieving carbon neutrality by the year 2030.

Joyce Mercado is a volunteer with Community Action for a Sustainable Alameda.