Home Electrification in Alameda

Home Electrification in Alameda

Alameda is fortunate to have 100% renewable electricity provided by Alameda Municipal Power (AMP) (geothermal, hydroelectric, wind power and landfill gas). Meanwhile natural gas use in buildings accounts for 27% of Alameda’s total greenhouse gas emissions linked to climate change. Therefore, electrifying gas appliances is an important element for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Alameda. The city has already taken action in this regard. In June 2021, Alameda adopted an ordinance requiring all newly constructed buildings to be fully electric with a few exceptions.

Electrifying the existing building base is a much harder feat to tackle. One approach is to exchange existing gas appliances with electrical ones as they age. For example, when your gas stove or gas dryer begins to show signs of wear, consider replacing them with electrical versions. AMP offers rebates for replacing gas dryers with Energy Star electrical versions, electrical panel upgrades if needed, smart thermostats and LED lighting. See www.alamedamp.com/407/Rebates-and-Incentives for AMP rebate details. Also check out the AMP Marketplace website to learn about, compare, and purchase green products. Plus, you can get instant rebates on eligible items. See www.ampmarketplace.com/alamedamp. If you’re receiving financial assistance from AMP through its Energy Assistance Program, you can receive FREE home energy upgrades including new refrigerators, LED lighting and occupancy sensors, advanced power strips and home weatherization. For more information call 888-759-1174.

Another gas guzzling appliance is your hot water heater. Do the research now on electric heat pump hot water heaters so you’ll be ready to replace that gas-powered hot water heater before it dies. They work like a refrigerator, but in reverse. While a refrigerator pulls heat from the inside of the refrigerator and directs it into the surrounding air, a heat pump water heater pulls heat from the surrounding air and directs it into the tank of water. The heat pump water heater process is more energy efficient than traditional gas water heaters, saving money on monthly bills. Also heat pump water heaters can improve the air quality in your home, by reducing the amount of carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide that is released into your home. AMP offers rebates on heat pump water heaters as well. Also check out Tech Clean California Incentives at https://energy-solution.com/tech-incentives/ for statewide incentives on heat pump water heaters and heat pump HVAC systems.

Before adding more electrical appliances set up a one-hour AMP Home Energy Review to reduce your electrical load. To request a review, call 510-748-3900. Not only will you learn how to reduce your electricity usage and bill, you will also receive an energy saving free LED lightbulb.

Learn more about electrifying your appliances at the City of Alameda’s Electrification 101 Workshop on March 16th at 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. You can register to attend in person at the West End Library, at 788 Santa Clara Ave., or via Zoom, by visiting www.alamedaca.gov/BuildingElectrification. This website also has an electrification survey the City of Alameda requests you complete, as well as other information on electrification.