High Schools Announce 2014 Prom Dress Sale

Photo by Randy Rentschler Left to right, Marissa Murphy of St. Joseph Notre Dame High, Marisa Woo of Alameda High and Emily Rentschler of Encinal High are joining forces to create an opportunity to purchase affordable prom dresses.

High Schools Announce 2014 Prom Dress Sale

While Alameda’s local schools are friendly rivals for sure, the class presidents representing the student leadership of Alameda, Encinal and St. Joseph high schools have teamed up to hold an affordable prom dress sale. The trio: Emily Rentschler of Encinal, Marisa Woo of Alameda High and Marissa Murphy of St. Joe’s invite students to find affordable dresses and possibly win a free prom ticket just for showing up.

The sale will be held this Saturday, March 8, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Alameda High New Gym at 2200 Central Ave.

The presidents set a common goal of helping girls find the perfect dress at the perfect price.

"No doubt that a prom dress matters a lot," said Woo. "We need the community’s support to make our event a success."

All proceeds from the sale will be shared and used to help each school’s prom.

"I know for sure there are a lot of dresses in closets that need to get out on the town one more time," said Murphy. "Decluttering your closet will also give local girls an opportunity to cap off their senior year in style."

Anyone able to donate a prom dress may do so by bringing it to the sale March 8.

"We hope this event will be the first of an annual event for girls and moms in Alameda" said Rentschler. "We want the effort of finding a nice dress to be fun in a place where people in Alameda can help each other."

Contact Rentschler at 213-9145, Marisa Woo at 917-5663 or Marissa Murphy at 520-4306 to help out, or for more information.