Help Solve Homicide

A mother and grandmother are still mourning almost three years after the death of three-year-old Eden Marie Lynch. The little girl passed away at Children’s Hospital in Oakland after suffering what the Alameda County Coroner called "blunt force trauma to the head."

According to Eden’s grandmother, the three-year-old was living at 2236 San Antonio Ave., Apartment G, with her father and his girlfriend. On Aug. 31, 2011, the girlfriend took the child to Children’s Hospital in Oakland. According to the California Health and Welfare Agency (CHW), the girlfriend found Eden Marie in "a seizure-like state with her eyes rolled back and feet rigid."

According to CHW, the doctors at Children’s Hospital reported the Eden’s was nonresponsive and her condition was "very bad and it was unlikely that she would survive until morning." CHW reported that Eden’s right eye was black and that she had scratches below her right eye.

CHW reported that the father and his girlfriend attributed Eden’s condition to a fall down the steps on Aug. 22, 2011. The girlfriend told CHW that on that day she saw "Eden falling down approximately six or seven cement slab-type stairs." The report stated that a doctor at Children’s Hospital said that "something was going on for a number of days" and that the doctor maintained that there was "unaccounted trauma that did not occur from the minor falling down the stairs on Aug. 22, 2011."

The coroner has ruled Eden’s death a homicide. Eden’s mother and grandmother are asking that anyone with information about the case call Alameda Police Department’s Violent Crimes Unit at 337-8385.