Health Stories Just for Kids

Health Stories Just for Kids


Brian Wu began his writing career early. As a fifth grader, he wrote a story he called “Wacky Olympics.” He later wrote “Body Wars,” a personification of the immune system and how human bodies fight disease.

Now Wu has written a book called Health Stories for Kids that teaches children not only about various medical conditions, but also how to deal with and even prevent them. Wu holds a Ph.D. in integrative biology and disease. His stories deliver knowledge through experience and emotion. As a writer, author, advisor and actor who believes in the power of stories, Brian aims to deliver its multiple benefits throughout all his roles.

“When you’re a kid, you believe that you’re invincible and nothing can take you down,” said Wu. Sadly sickness does occur, in his book Wu tells kids that prevention is the best kind of medicine. He warns that staying healthy is not achieved with pills but through a strong immune system and some smart habits.  These include getting outside and playing for at least half an hour every day. 

Wu also recommends drinking plenty of water. Soda and other sweet beverages may taste better but water is much healthier for everyone, especially kids, he said. Water will help keep your immune system and body working in the best shape possible.

Kids need to develop the habit of eating healthy at an early age. “You can’t live off Chicken McNuggets and stay healthy,” Wu said.  Parents need to make sure that kids eat lots of fruits and vegetables, as well as beans and nuts (but watch out for allergies). Their diet must also include whole grains and lean meats and dairy products. 

Wu’s Health Stories for Kids is a series of charming stories that can make difficult health concepts accessible to children. There are three books in the series that deal with a range of childhood diseases, healthy living ideas and different systems in the body:

  • The Zoo Flu Frenzy, a Story about the Flu
  • Ft. Applegate and the Battle of Wounded Knee, a Story about the Immune System
  • Emily’s Best Gift Ever, a Story about New Babies

These stories are charmingly illustrated and written to be a fun and appealing way to teach children about different health issues as well as things that they themselves can do to keep fit. They are a great supplemental tool for teaching lessons about the way the body works.




Health Stories for Kids also has a blog with articles on a wide range of children’s health issues so that parents and kids can learn more about some of the conditions mentioned in our stories.

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