Health Matters

Medicare: What’s new in 2020

Oct 17,2019

Many people think enrolling in Medicare is a once-in-a-lifetime event that’s timed with retirement. But such a set-it-and-forget-it attitude about health care coverage options can be a costly mistake.

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Thoughts on Raising Children

Sep 19,2019

It continues to surprise me how many parents do not teach their children to participate in responsibilities around the house. We set a model for how our children will behave. As they mature, we also educate them about roles we play in our families. 

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Eric J Kos &nbsp&nbsp Alameda resident Julie Lyons, seen here at the Franklin Park pool, gets around town just fine with her Bioness LG300-GO. Lyons suffers from multiple sclerosis.

Local Embraces New Health Tech

Sep 12,2019

Alameda resident Julie Lyons lives an active lifestyle. She runs her own acupuncture business, main-tains an active workout schedule and stays up to date with friends and family. Lyons enjoys a lifestyle similar to any other Alamedan, but she also has multiple sclerosis (MS). 

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