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I had lunch with a dear friend today. She mentioned that she was walking down the street in Alameda the other day and a person she did not know smiled and said “Hello.” She finds the warmth of Alameda to be a pleasure and began to reiterate many of the small meaningful experiences she finds in this city.


In the past, doctors typically took the lead and patients followed.Today, a good patient-doctor relationship is more of a partnership. This means asking questions if the doctor’s explanations or instructions are unclear, being comfortable enough to bring up concerns and having an open dialogue about a particular treatment or change in daily life.

Local Medicare office blends hospitality with healthcare

Most people have probably experienced this process at a doctor’s office: first, check in at reception. Sit down. Go back to reception to pick up forms. Sit down. Return the forms to reception. Sit down. Finally the doctor is ready, and you’re exhausted before the appointment has started.


We are not always able to choose our relatives. We are born into a family and our parents already have family and that becomes our family. There are exceptions. 
And, thus, our family of origin becomes the core of what we learn about how to be in the world. As we age, these values are either comfortable or uncomfortable for us. But the people remain constant. 

Calyx Health is not a typical doctor’s office. Along with a refreshing clinic atmosphere, modern finishes and nostalgic decor of historic Alameda, patients can now enjoy art by other seniors in the community. 

On Dec. 12, the seniors-only clinic Calyx Health hosted its Jingle & Mingle event — a holiday celebration and art reception, where the work of seven students in the Mastick Senior Center’s drawing and painting classes was unveiled.