Health Matters


Out of shape at age 79, I decided it was time to begin exercising. I signed up for an aerobic fitness class at Mastick Senior Center. Wow, was I in for a surprise. The class is almost non-stop for nearly two hours. It has at least 50 senior citizens. The instructor is Alameda native Julie Manown, an American-certified aerobics instructor. She’s taught aerobic classes since 1995, and is dynamic and personable. 


The Emergency Department (ED) at Alameda Hospital is the closest choice for residents in Alameda. The hospital’s emergency physicians and nurses have 24-hour access to the latest technologies and stand ready to rapidly assess and triage arriving patients. Alameda Hospital’s response to an emergency is immediate and comprehensive. For patients arriving by ambulance, constant communication with the incoming paramedics ensures that the ED team is fully prepared to treat upon arrival.


Choosing to enter hospice care can be a wrenching decision for yourself or a loved one. Hospice is intended to help terminally ill people live out their lives as comfortably as possible. Hospice doesn’t focus on curing disease and it’s not only for people with cancer.

Medicare’s hospice benefit covers your care, and you shouldn’t have to go outside of hospice to get care except in rare situations. Once you choose hospice, your hospice benefit should cover everything you need.

According to management at the Trader Joe’s at South Shore Center, Alameda County’s reusable bag ordinance has helped reduce the store’s daily paper bag churn by 75 percent. Throughout the county since 2013, customers are charged 10 cents per grocery bag. Rather than pay the fee, customers bring their own paper, plastic or canvas bags. Trader Joe’s started the reusable bag revolution in 1971 with its “save-a-tree” canvas bag campaign. The county ordinance clearly has helped the campaign.


People who practice any form of meditation or prayer can attest to the subtle energy they may feel flowing through them. Ancient knowledge tells of a life force, or Chi, that flows through us, and science is now beginning to understand that this force is tangible and indeed does exist.