Health Matters


Sleep is one of the most important things to maintain health and wellness. The brain and body get the chance to process everything they have done during the day, while regenerating and repairing. High-quality sleep is correlated with memory, cognition, mood, weight and appetite. 

Poor sleep can negatively affect the immune system, inhibit memory, adversely affect mood and behavior, increase perceptibility to pain- and other health parameters.


I received a question about how couples can learn to communicate in ways that are not destructive to their relationship. There is not a simple answer to this question without knowing more about the individuals and the history of the problem. 


A special 1980s-themed event will take place at the Fireside Lounge Saturday, Aug. 19, to benefit Planned Parenthood. The ’80s party will start at 8 p.m. and feature DJ Damon and DJ Shon of San Francisco.

The cover charge is $7 for ages 21 and older only. Prizes will be given out for the best ’80s-themed costume. 

Fireside Lounge is located at 1453 Webster St. To find out more, visit or @thefiresidelounge on Twitter.


Changing someone’s behavior can be looked at in two different ways. One is how we can diminish undesirable behavior, and the other is how we can encourage desirable behavior. 


Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that are good for the human digestive system, but experts in the field have been learning they do a lot more than that. In 2016, probiotic sales in the U.S. reached close to $4 billion. Walk into a favorite pharmacy or health food store and it’s a dizzying array of choices are available. I will briefly discuss what they can do and how to purchase high-quality probiotics.