Health Matters


New Medicare cards offer greater protection to more than 57.7 million Americans

New cards will no longer contain Social Security numbers, to combat fraud and illegal use  

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is readying a fraud prevention initiative that removes Social Security numbers from Medicare cards to help combat identity theft, and safeguard taxpayer dollars.


If you have Medicare, there’s a good chance you have two or more chronic conditions such as arthritis, cancer, diabetes, heart disease or dementia.

Two-thirds of the 57 million Americans with Medicare have two or more chronic illnesses. Having multiple chronic conditions increases the risk of death and functional limitations, decreases quality of life and leads to higher health care spending.


Allergy season is in full swing. If the itchy, watery and burning eyes, along with cough, dry mouth, foggy head and fatigue are getting overwhelming, keep in mind the latter three are usually due to anti-histamines. When looking for alternatives to allergy pills, here are some simple and helpful tips that can help mitigate symptoms.


I received a question from a parent who has bought a new home in a different city. The home will be ready for the family to move into this month. There is concern about whether it is best for the children, in elementary school, to be transferred into a new school in May or to wait until the end of the school year. 

It is understandable that one might want a child to finish a school year before moving. It seems to provide a sense of closure.  


Alameda progressives met with Assemblymember Rob Bonta in Sacramento Wednesday, April 26, in support of a new state initiative with the aim of providing healthcare for all Californians.

The Alamedans joined around 1,000 nurses, physicians and other activists to support Senate Bill 562, California’s “Health Care for All” bill as it successfully passed its first test by sailing through the Senate Health Committee. The bill would establish a single-payer system in California at a time when the Affordable Care Act is under renewed and continued attack at the federal level.