Happy Holidays to Our Readers

Homeowners on Christmas Tree Lane (Thompson Avenue between High Street and Fernside Boulevard) didn’t disappoint again this year. For a series of photos from the street,
Jeannie Rodriguez

Happy Holidays to Our Readers

Well ladies and gentlemen, we’ve almost made it. Perhaps the worst year in anyone’s memory is heading for the history books just as fast as it can. With the arrival of 2021 we can look forward to reversing the damage 2020 did to our nation’s health and economy.

The Alameda Sun staff wishes you and your family all the best during the holiday season. To all denominations, religions and cults of personality, we wish a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Ramadan and Kwanzaa and any other celebration you’re taking part in during winter.

Most universally, we celebrate the coming new year which brings with it the promise of everything and anything new. While we aren’t assuming nothing negative will happen, a new year is a chance to reset, rethink and renew your commitment to being a good person.

Let’s take this year and approach it with the idea that we’re going to do it differently in 2021. We’re going to be friendly. We’re going to try and see the positive side of ideas we don’t agree with. We’re going to realize we share this great nation with people who are completely different than us and that’s OK.

The Christmas Spirit is the Spirit of Giving, and so we ask that we all give a little more understanding this year; a little more caring this year; a little more patience this year and a little more kindness to one another. Happy Holidays, Alameda!