Happy Anniversary, Alameda Sun

Happy Anniversary, Alameda Sun

My fellow Alamedans, we have once again crossed off that day on the calendar when the Alameda Sun celebrates its birthday. The Sun staff continue bringing you a compilation of interesting and Alameda items every week.

An interesting event unfolded in my front yard in Alameda recently. My neighbors and I held a little yard sale late last month and a shopper happened to browse my old T-shirts and found something interesting.

Let me just clarify that in previous years, a couple bought an entire bag of old T-shirts from me. They explained they would wear them as they removed some poison oak and then toss them. So I have this idea that old T-shirts actually sell no matter how ratty.

He held up an Alameda Sun T-shirt from the early 2000s. Worn several hundred times, the shirt had gained some holes, went through the “work shirt” phase and had some paint and polyeurythane stuck to it. The front featured the Sun logo and the back read, “That’s news to me!”

“So you like my old Alameda Sun T-shirt?” I asked.

“Yeah,” he said. “Anything with Alameda on it is great.”

Anything with Alameda on it is great. And at the Sun that’s all we do. Our laser focus on Alameda hasn’t wavered once in 22 years.

I want to thank my highly effective team of professionals who make the Alameda Sun come together each Thursday. Maria, Ekene, Joyce, Roxane and my father, John, put up with me and also help put out a great newspaper. They deserve much praise.

I also cannot say enough to thank our interns, Isaac and Mia, our ongoing contributors from around the Island City, whether financial, journalistic, or those who choose to do business with us. Thank you. We couldn’t do it without you.

Eric J Kos is a co-founder of the Alameda Sun who has contributed to its existence for all 22 years and counting.