Gritty Gallery Show Opens Tomorrow

The latest exhibit opening at Park Street Plaza’s Gary Francis Fine Art, titled Urban Grit, is described as a portrait of urban life. The show opens tomorrow night, Friday, Jan. 10, at 6 p.m. and will be on display through Feb. 2. 
According to curators Gary and Kavita Francis, “The layers of life in the urban ecosystem. grind and grate together. The tenseness and determination of urban life and lifestyle regenerates and evolves.” 
“Urban Grit looks at artifacts and iconography defining the city’s firmness of character and indomitable spirit, its resolution and fortitude. Urban Grit leads us around street corners, atop skyscrapers, between industrial alleyways and into ports by day and by night, whether open or hidden,” they said.
For more on the show, visit, or call 629-1175. The gallery is located at 1419e Park St.