Greatest Little Princess

Greatest Little Princess

Aria Rose was born a princess in twenty-fourteen
A beautiful dark-haired baby with a smile
The prettiest baby Princess you have ever seen
There, then and now for a country mile

Princess Aria Rose grew up smart, ready to go,
Swimming, swinging, running like water to flow
Princess Aria Rose could play tag, and climb trees
She is friends with all birds, bugs, insects and bees

Princess Aria Rose pets, hugs, and loves dogs,
Light, dark, Big or little, giant or small, even in fog
Aria Rose can teach them tricks, feed and play,
All dogs love her spirit, she loves them back all day.

Princess Aria Rose loves her school,
Especially all the children in her class.
She tries really hard to study, and do homework,
Plays in the yard, on the chips and rolls on the grass

Princess Aria Rose loves Church, and what they teach,
Aria Rose wants to, tell the truth, and be nice for God.
It’s not easy being good but she listens to what they preach
Getting dressed, saying prayers, singing feels so good, never odd.

My princess sometimes fights aliens at night
Oh, my Princess scares monsters away, what a site
Princess Aria battles all the bad in the world
With the cold as ice, fire, wind, her hair curled

Aria Rose can be a beautiful superhero in my eyes,
Keep all of us safe on Earth and in the skies.
To love, and adore Princess Aria Rose can be a fad
It is easy for me to love her more, I am her ‘Dad’