Grand Street’s ‘String of Pearls’

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The trio of homes at (from left to right) 1001, 1007 and 1011 Grand St. form what Alameda Museum Curator George Gunn calls "a string of pearls."

In 1891, architect Charles Shaner designed the Queen Anne-style home at 1001 Grand St. David Brehaut teamed up with J.C. Diamond to execute Shaner’s design. The home cost $4,700. According to Gunn Brehaut and Diamond built 22 homes in Alameda between 1889 and 1892

In 1895 Alfred Washington "A.W." Pattiani designed and built the home at 1011 Grand St. at a cost of $3,818. Pattiani lived with his wife, Ida, and their children at 1524 Central Ave. In 1890, this home was moved to 1011 Morton St. across from Franklin Park, where it stands today.

The home at 1007 Grand St. went up in 1898. The architect of record is lost to us, but we do know that Brehaut built the home, this time in partnership with Albert W. Cornelius.

All three homes were built for Thomas O’Connor and his wife, Elizabeth. The O’Connors lived at 1000 Grand Street with their children George and Isabel. Thomas passed away in 1899. Elizabeth moved to a home on Clinton Avenue. She later lived in Berkeley.