Golf Club Hosts ‘Xmas in July’


The Alameda Women’s Golf Club held its Annual Invitational tournament last Thursday, July 26, on the Jack Clark South Course at Corica Park. The tournament theme was “Christmas in July” with many golfers dressed in Christmas sweaters. 

The tournament was a group-play event with teams of four competing in six flights. Thirty-six teams competed with 144 individual players, 73 were guests. The best two scores on each hole were counted, while the other two were discarded.

The team of Fran Mori and guests Chizu Holmes, Carina O’Brien and Andrea Schnell won the first flight competition — handicap of 70 to 77 — with a net 108. Bonnie Kim, Sonia Kwak, and guest Jong Soon Shin and Yong Suk Yi teamed up to win the second flight — handicap of 78 to 86 — with a net 110. 

Kimmi Sung, In Ja Hong, Angie Kim and guests Gracia Kim banded together to win the third flight — handicap of 88 to 94 — with a net 112. Pam Curtis formed a quartet with guests Edie Buna, Grace Harley and Lynn Harvey to win the fourth flight — handicap of 98 to 108 — with a net 105. 

Jean Cho, Vivian Kang, Yvonne Lee and guest Kyoung Park won a tiebreaker to win the fifth flight — handicap of 111 to 126. The team of Kay Park, Janet Rhee, Susan Yoon and guest Jennifer Kim lost the tiebreaker. Both teams posted a net 117.

Jamie Totsubo and guests Geralyne Gong, Aileen Hisaoka and Mimi Johnson-Jacobs won the sixth flight — handicap of 129 to 151 — with a net 108.