Golf Club Hands out April Charm

Golf Club Hands out April Charm


Tai Chewpanich won the Alameda Women’s Golf Club April charm tournament event last Thursday, April 6, by shooting a net 69 from the first flight. 

Chewpanich, the current club champion, finished ahead of other former club champions in the first flight, which grouped together players with handicaps of 12 to 21. Claire Loud shot a net 71 for second place overall. She was also second place in the first flight. Sherry Westernoff also shot a net 71, but competed in the second flight — handicaps of 22 to 27.

Jenny Bae finished third in the first flight. Stephanie Bellato posted a net 73 for fourth place, while Cheryl Saxton shot a net 76 for fifth place.

Westernoff won the second flight, but not without fighting off tough competition. Madeline Sally and Pat O’Hara both shot a net 73 for a tie for second place. Debbie Adams shot a net 74 for fourth place.

Jane Sullwold won the third flight — handicaps of 28 to 37 — with a net 75. She beat out Kay Park (net 80), Diane Hughes (net 81) and Jan Peyrot (net 83) for the distinction. Beatrice Lebrec also competed in the flight.

Finally, Ruby Soo shot a net 76 in the fourth flight —handicaps of 38 or more — with a net 76. Lynette Mladinich shot a net 78 for second place, while Siv Richards posted a net 81 for third place. Kay Choi rounded out the top four with a net 96.

Chewpanich also won the closest-to-the-hole competition on the 11th hole. Her ball landed in the cup. Players were given two shots to get it to the hole. O’Hara’s attempt landed 1’ 9” from the hole. Dot Moody’s ball landed 2’ 6” from the pin.

Bellato won the competition on the 15th hole. Her ball landed 22’ 9” from the hole. Loud was second. Her attempt stopped 29’ 11” from the hole. Players may only take one shot at the hole. 

Twenty-five players participated in the event.